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Peter Kellow - architect and writer (France)

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Lara Kopylova - writer and architectural journalist (Russia)

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Many people today yearn for a better quality of environment in their cities, towns and countryside. All too often, where changes do occur, the results represent a degradation of what was there before. We need to reshape our built environment in a way that reflects the desires and values of the community.

Traditional architects understand that buildings of the past are uniquely capable of satisfying people’s needs. In the past buildings were designed to be beautiful as well as well as functional. Architects were schooled in a tradition that had evolved over millennia - one that totally integrated the practical and aesthetic requirements of buildings.

But in the latter part of the twentieth century a majority of architects lost their way and became beholden to utopian dreams of reforming society and the individual. They sought to make both fit for their particular vision of the future. These architects aimed at a rupture with the past holding that history was irrelevant to the modern world.

The desire for beauty was replaced by subservience to technology and abstract theory.

But all the while traditional skill and knowledge were never lost and some architects continued steadfastly to practise and develop traditional architecture. The architect Members of CIAT/MKTA are heirs to this continuity.

Traditional architecture teaches us that by seeking to create and to recognise beauty we establish a contact with our own sense of humanity – a humanity that is shared by all. Traditional architecture comes in many different styles and forms, for it is produced by many different individuals and cultures and so variety is an essential aspect of it. But whatever its origins it is always accessible to all. 

Traditionalists believe that, however much the times we live in might be subject to change, there are basic human values which do not change. Our values in respect of the built environment are an example of this. This is clear for when we look at great architecture of one hundred, five hundred, two thousand years ago its power is undiminished.

 CIAT is committed to developing the values established by long tradition and applying them to the modern world. Traditionalism looks to the past only to see the future more clearly. In the new century, traditional architecture is growing worldwide. Traditionalism is the solid, viable, long term future for architecture.





A main activity of CIAT is to hold congresses which
will be annual.

The purposes of the congresses are to -

  • Create publicity in the world at large for CIAT, its principles and new traditional architecture being built now and having been built over the last 10 or 20 years
  • Publicise the work of CIAT professional Members to the world at large. ... read more


As well as the holding of Congresses the second principle activity shall be the production of a magazine on traditional architecture featuring work of its professional Members.
The magazine shall be produced in a fine quality, full colour, hard copy only with no internet publication of it – except for certain excerpts ... read more

Here is a mockup. All contents and quality are indicative only.



CIAT shall use its resources to campaign for commissions, especially major public and commercial ones, to go to traditional architectural practices which are Founder Members and Practice Members of CIAT. ... read more


CIAT shall seek by all means possible to provide publicity for its architectural Practice Members.
As well as the congresses and the magazine these shall be promoted on the website with each Member having a listing with links to their website plus information and illustrations on the CIAT website.
The international reach of CIATwill enable Members to gain international recognition and foreign commissions.
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There are three main types of members - Practice Members, Individual Members and Sponsors

Practice Members will.
1. benefit from CIAT lobbying of procurors to employ traditional architectural CIAT Practice Members

2. enjoy the benefits of publicity for their practices in the CIAT Magazine, on the website and at Congresses

Individual Members shall receive the Journal, Newsletters and have preferential rates for Congresses.
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CIAT shall be a non-profit making organisation registered as a single organisation in a single country.
CIAT shall be administered by the Congress Board. The Board shall consist of Members elected for a predetermined term. The elections shall be held at Annual General Meetings which shall be held during the annual congresses.
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Until the advent of Modernist architecture in the early twentieth century there was no traditional architecture because all architecture was traditional. 

Every building was designed by an architect who worked out of the long tradition of architecture that extends back to the dawn of civilisation. ... read more


An annual system of awards for new traditional architecture in a number of categories shall be instigated
It shall be recognised that not only complete buildings but individual elements of buildings should be recognised provided that the building to which they belong is traditional and of some merit. This shall honour the work of artist, craftspersons, subcontractors and suppliers as essential and worthy contributors to the public and private environment.
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CIAT has already a prominent presense on Facebook, as a ready made resource. This is its page curently entitled Traditional Architecture World

It is administered by CIAT Founder, Peter Kellow who edits all the content. Traditional Architecture World has over 5000 subscribers from all over the world which increase by about 40 every week.

When the CIAT site goes public the Facebook page will change its name to Traditional Architecture International Congress and so give CIAT a ready made Facebook presense with a large following. ... read more


Free to non-members. Members automatically subscribed. This is not the magazine