Congrès International d’Architecture Traditionnelle
Международный конгресс традиционной архитектуры


Traditional Architecture International Congress

Dear Madam/Sir

We would like to invite your architectural practice to become a member of the new Traditional Architecture International Congress (CIAT) www.ciat.international.

In 1928 the International Congress of Modern Architecture (CIAM) was founded by Le Corbusier and Sigfried Giedion and 26 other Modernist architects. The aim of CIAM was to establish the Modernist style as the universally accepted style of the twentieth century. In this it was largely successful and Modernism achieved a dominance that is still with us.

But traditional architecture never died and in the twenty-first century it has seen a strong renaissance in many countries with hundreds of traditional architectural practices, working in a variety of styles, having been established.

Colleagues of CIAT have prepared this new Atlas Of New Traditional Architecture and you see where in the world new vernacular, organic and classical buildings have been built from 1989 to present. Click on the map to go to the online map where you can click on the icons on the map for photos and information about each project.


This atlas is still work in progress to bring it up to date but it clearly shows the penetration of traditional architecture is worldwide and is deepening all the time. We invite you to become officially a part of this movement

CIAT has been founded to bring together traditional architects across the world to create an even higher profile for traditional architecture, affirming it as the natural style for the modern 21st century world

The founders, Peter Kellow (architect and writer) of France and Lara Kopylova (architectural journalist and writer) of Russia, invite you to visit www.ciat.international for the details of how CIAT will achieve its aims of influencing the public and procurers in favour of traditional architecture, rejecting the failed Modernist experiment that has had a devastating effect on the environment.

In particular, visit the Classes of Members page to see the benefits to you practice that will flow from your membership of CIAT

Standard members will be architectural practices producing at least some traditional architecture. Each practice will be invited to have a dedicated page on the website to publicise its work. For this each will submit an html page [this could be taken from their website] and the page will be indexed to be highly accessible to visitors to the site. Your work will also be referenced on the global atlas

So the website will be used to publicise member practices but a further primary activity of CIAT will be the production of a full colour printed magazine, with a wide distribution, showing members’ work, alongside editorial on matters relating to traditional architecture. [See mockup.]

Also yearly congresses will be held to bring together members, to participate in talks and discussions on traditional architecture and engage in social events with other members as well as guests. The congresses will foster a strong sense of international community. Also members of the press and procurers will be invited to gain the maximum amount of traction for the work of CIAT practice members.
There will be a second class of members. Individual members, who can be anyone with an interest in traditional architecture. CIAT will seek individual members, in particular, who may be active in procuring of architectural projects. Individual members will receive the magazine showing members’ work.

CIAT will be a not-for-profit organisation, administered by a board, and managed by an executive. See “Constitution” under the “Organisation” drop down list.

We invite you to join this international initiative in favour of traditional architecture by becoming a practice member. The membership subscription will by 50 euros from the start of 2020 and we are offering a reduced rate of 10 euro for the rest of 2019.

Please go to the CIAT practice member joining form here and complete the application form and then follow the link to GoFundMe to pay the 10 euro subscription for 2019 by card directly.

If you would like to give a donation to advance the aims of CIAT, use the same GoFundMe page

We look forward to working with you to advance traditional architecture worldwide and see your practice having a role in that

Yours sincerely

Peter Kellow RIBA BA



Traditional Architecture International Congress

Congrès International d’Architecture Traditionnelle
Международный конгресс традиционной архитектуры

peterkellow@ciat.international (France) .....larakopylova@ciat.international (Russia)